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A moment soaking to 
the sound of breathing,
rubbing silk

座敷 舞

photo : Matsumoto Kazuyuki

2023.11.13   Posted the information of Italy Tour.
2023.5.27   Posted the report of "Kiri no hana kai in Kyoto"on the page of Archives. 
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2022.11.10 Released HP.

We will have performances and workshop in Italy.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below.

9th March Saturday  6pm  in La Spezia
      at Palazzetto delllo Sport G. Mariotti
10th Sunday 8:30pm in Sondorio
      at Teatro Spazio Centrale
Free of Charge
"Mai"Performance  (dance to the recording)
"Mai"Performance (dance to live music)
Workshop focusing on physical handling and try to dance "Sakura Sakura"
"Mai"Performance (dance to the recording)
Performance:  Kirizaki Tsurujo, Tsurumaru, Suzujo etc.
Song in Japanese.
Explanation and Workshop in Italian (as much as possible)
Englisha and Japanese may also be used.
*We will close as soon as it reaches capacity.
*In some cases, we may contact you final inform you of the time and location.
*If you some question, please contact us.
Reservation →

5th ROMA Sapienza Università di Roma -Course students only
6th ROMA Private School  -Students only
7th ROMA Sapienza Università di Roma -Course students only
8th FIERNZE Università degli studi di Firenze -Course students only
9th LA SPEZIA Palazzetto dello Sport G.Mariotti -Anyone can participate
10th SONDORIO  Teatro Spazio Centrale -Anyone can participate